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Magic Spray & Wipe Gets Great Review from European Porsche Magazine

Quote from GT magazine ..”
new products

WEB WATCHIT’S MAGIC If you go by the premise that the less time you spend cleaning a car the more time you will have to drive it, then the curiously-named Magic for Cars and Porsches could be for you. Designed in Cairns, Australia, Magic boasts being the world’s first and only ph neutral, non-petroleum ‘waterless’ spray for vehicle exteriors and interiors. Given that hose pipe bans have already been introduced in some parts of the UK, a waterless car cleaner could be just the job for keeping your Porsche spotless this summer.Working on the premise that water itself doesn’t wash cars, but the shampoo that it is mixed with, Magic puts both of these ingredients into one product; simply spray it on to paintwork, wipe with a damp chamois and your car is clean.
Similarly, Magic can be used on wheels, exterior trim and interior. We tested the product on our long-term 944 and were very impressed with the results. If you want a sparkling finish you may still want to add a layer of wax after finishing but for a quick clean Magic worked superbly. Admittedly the company’s website and the literature that accompanies Magic lacks the professional touch of its big budget competitors but we say that this innovative product is still well worth a try.One litre of Magic Car Wash costs about AU $13, excluding shipping, and is available from www.carmagic.com.au etc..etc.. ..”




From: Joey Gmail [mailto:joeychauemail@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, 10 May 2012 3:52 PM
To: charles
Subject: Re: Tourdex Pty Ltd Purchase Order

Hi Charles,

I love cars but after we decided to have 2 kids, there was no time to hand wash my cars. And the drive through just doesn’t cut it. My wife drives an Audi Q5 S-Line, and I drive a VW Golf R. We pay good money for the cars and it was depressing to see them dirty all the time, just had no time to hand wash. Now what I do is, after the kids are asleep I go down to the garage and with my 1 bucket of water and do both cars in 30 mins with the Magic Spray and Wipe.

Initially I was very skeptical about waterless washes, but now i’ve seen the results and results don’t lie. I am getting a better clean because you can see the dirt a lot clearer without the soap suds covering them up.

I have recommended the product to my friends and family.

When will you have a distributor in Perth?

Once again, thanks for a great product.

Regards,  joey

From: John Brown [mailto:JohnBrown@diversden.com.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 13 January 2009 9:41 AM
To: charlesoffice2
Subject: RE: live aboard dive boat

Hi Charles

Testimonial see below.

I am the proud owner of a BMW Z4 3.0si, which I have owned since July 2008. Since Charles introduced me to Car Magic and his other car care products I have not looked back. The stuff is simply amazing, It actually works. You see so many of the types of products advertised; it is so nice to use one that does what says it does. I would highly recommend Charles’ Car care products, and have done so successfully to many of my colleagues at Deep Sea Divers Den. THIS STUFF IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE.

Pictures coming soon.

Cheers John


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From: Isao Ozawa

Sent: Thursday, 5 October 2006 12:20 AM

Dear Charles san,

Because of both reason to recommend to use Suzuki vehicle.

I washed my car with Magic Spray & Wipe.

It was quite easy and took short time to wash and I’m really satisfied.

Thank you again.

Isao Ozawa,

Suzuki export,



From: Bob Lim [mailto:limit@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Monday, 4 August 2008 9:16 PM
To: sales@Jonnos.com
Subject: Feedback

I guess you get sick of hearing this but your product is fantastic and I am also amazed at how the chamois is so easy to rinse clean – it just doesn’t retain any dirt.
After receiving delivery of my online order I washed 5 cars in 1 day as I was enjoying myself so much. This included my daughter’s car which is 4 yrs old and had NEVER been washed – a bit more elbow grease was required but the result was pretty outstanding. I have a 2 month old Passat wagon and it’s so easy to keep it looking as if it has just left the showroom despite all the rain/showers we’ve been experiencing of late. I’ve recommended the combo to many people but it is surprising how many were totally unaware of such a product and still go to ‘Laserwash’ and get disappointed with the streaky end result.
Bob Lim
From: Bob Lim [mailto:limit@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 19 November 2008 8:43 PM
To: jonathon.sciola@jonnos.com
Subject: [SPAM] Re: Notification of payment received

Thanks alot. After finding the Car Stylemagic a real winner my wife asked me about a product she could use for general purpose indoor cleaning especially the bathroom where the cleaning products she uses have noxious fumes which sting the eyes. I’ve bought the 2 car cleaner sets for my 2 adult children.
From: C White [mailto:candy.white@optushome.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 30 January 2008 10:56 AM
To: carwash.net.au@gmail.com
Subject: Thank you

Dear Jonathan, Your product has arrived and I’ve used it. It is fantastic and brilliant. It cuts my cleaning of the cars by 2/3. So thank you. In fact, I can’t thank you enough. Neither my husband nor my sons do the cars and I love gleaming cars inside and out. So I’m the one who does the cleaning. I used to wash the cars with just a shammy but it did not do the job so was on the look out for a product such as yours.

Thank you again for bringing in a product that is environmentally friendly and does a great job.

Candy White
Hi Charles
I finally washed the cars with your magic product for Mothers’ Day! I haven’t forgotten you. This has been the first wash since before September last year and is a great testament to your Style Magic carwash because of all the gunk/goo/dust/etc on the cars.
My five year old even commented that it was like “a new car, Dad!”.
What I found to be truly remarkable was that my hands felt better than they were before the big wash. Normally, they would be dried, irritated and rough, after washing with other cleaners, due to their harshness.
The biggest advantage in my mind, though, is the safety aspect of the whole process. I could do it whilst the kids were around and “helping” me, though I must admit my five year old managed to do a pretty good job on her side, all by herself.
Now that I’ve finally taken the plunge, the subsequent cleans should not take as long.

Thanks for a top product that is also friendly in more ways than one!

Regards, Kevin
Thursday, 28 June 2007

Dear Charles, Thanks to you and your product, car magic I can now satisfy my obsession for needing a clean vehicle. Not only do I clean my car in record time but I also zap over to my husband’s car and clean it.

How your product works never fails to amaze me. I trust my neighbours dont notice me, but I actually clean our adult childrens cars. I don’t want to start precedent here.

Car magic is clean to use, no more getting drenched with water and suds flowing down the drive way and ending up in our water ways.

Finally I don’t feel such a hypocrite about not caring for our environment by using car magic. I am following Dr David Suzuki’s comments about we can all contribute to being environmentally aware in our day to day lives.

Thank you, Charles.

Gayle Thomas, Commercial Principal, Australian Tourism Network
Phone: +61 (07) 4031 2501, Mobile: +61 0438 331 885, Fax: +61 (07) 4031 5288
gt@australiantourismnetwork.com.au, PO Box 5163 , CAIRNS QLD 4870, AUSTRALIA


A Natures StyleMagic user since 2007

My wife and I visited friends and Betty asked if we had polished our car. I said no, I just cleaned it with Style Magic. I first sprayed a tiny bit and usually wipe off the dirt with a damp chamois. But this time I just used a dry towel, and yes it did take like I had used car polish. It is so perfect also for windows, our car is a silver Jackeroo 4WD and every time we walk back to it I always say to my wife that it always looks brand new and always looks spotless, even though I only use Style Magic occasionally, probably once a month.

Why do I use, and only use this cleaner? Firstly, I will not force water onto the cars body, which eventually causes rust and secondly washing a car with water doesn’t make the paint shine like Style Magic does so I bought two bottles, one for me and one for Betty. This car cleaner does what no car wash can do. Avocado is wonderful for hormones, heart and health and fabulous for cars. Also, there is one for chrome wheels and another for a home cleaner.

John Grove 0418770044


Queensland. Oct 2010

From: Brad and Kim [mailto:kim.hull@bigpond.com]
Sent: Saturday, 2 June 2007 8:06 AM
To: charles
Subject: Style Magic

Charles, I have used Style Magic on all vehicles for the past month, in a high volume smash repair shop. 100ish in total, some very dirty ones too! The time saved in car cleaning is of great welcome to my bussiness. Levei 5 water restrictions forced me to look for a more suitable way of getting the job done. I tried other brands of so-called Waterless Washes, What i found were petroleum or silicon based products not suitable for my needs. Then I found Style Magic and presto!! a product without harmful chemicals! Ive since converted a few more panelshop owners to this method and will continue to do so. Regards Brad Beake Proprieter (0415 875 800)
ACE REFINISHING pty ltd 86 taylor st bulimba Qld 4171


Hey Charles! Thu 24/05/2007

I tried your Magic this past weekend and was very impressed! It’s an amazing product; amazingly fast and simple, amazingly environmental and amazingly effective! I have a 99 BMW 3 series with the original paint job and the Magic took it to a whole new level. I waxed my car afterward- though I honestly don’t think I needed to, I just like the smell of the carnauba- and it shone like it was in the showroom. It worked great on the interior too. From a woman who’s absolutely in love with her car let me say, I was smiling!

Please feel free to print any part of this email as a testimonial Charles! And please feel free to contact me about the Canadian rights to this fabulous product.

Thanks a million!!
Salem Jones, www.jonesong.com

Southward Car Museum, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

We use Style Magic on ever single vehicle in the museum, from the Morris Minor to the Ferrari Monza. We use it for the following reasons.

We can use it on every surface, it doesn’t mark vinyl or leather and can be used near the fabric roofs on some of the older vehicles

It cuts polishing and cleaning in half as it is only one pass instead of two

Cleans glass and chrome easily and leaves a great shine with no streaking

Cost effective 5 L does over 250 vehicles

It repels dust so that the vehicles don’t need to be dusted as much

I would recommend this to anyone it is so easy to use, makes cleaning not so much of a chore. We also find it great when we are travelling around with vehicles on trailers, we don’t have to find a tap to wash the car. We just get out the Style Magic.


From Craig Brittle, Head of Automotive Studies, Box Hill Institute of TAFE

From: Craig Brittle, Date: May 31, 2007 8:46 AM,To: Jonno’s Car Wash

Hi Jonno,
We have used your product with two groups so far and found it to be excellent.
Even the students using it are really impressed with how it leaves vehicles once cleaned.
The only problem we have is that we have almost used the supply. Any chance of getting any more in the near future. We are having a big run on detailing at the moment.
Also I would like you to supply me with some signage that we can put up and maybe if you have any hand outs that we can give to students when using the product.
I got the students to use it on my own car which I am very particular with a 525 BMW and it came out superb.
Regards, Craig

Adam Sobczak

EnviroGleem Automotive Detailing Services

ABN. 26 861 437 507

Ph. 0413 931 474

E. adam@envirogleem.com

the results do speak for themselves, and that’s what I love about style magic. Its fast and its easy, and it works. It saves money too. There are sooo many other waterless products out there, and I did research a few different varieties before deciding on style magic for my business. They are all unsuitable because of high costs associated with fancy labeling and costly advertising, and the quantity is enough to get you going, but lacks that little bit extra incase you need reserves for an extra dirty car. Most other products only range in 500ml – 750ml capacity which I have found isn’t enough in some cases. Style Magic is most convenient as it comes in one litre bottles. You dont want to make the product you want everyone to use expensive, as interest will drop as price rises. Style Magic is value for money, and that is another core focus of my business and the reputation I hope to achieve.”

Adam, Car Detailer, WA


Subject: RE: Style Magic Order
Date: Monday 18 June 2007, From: “Mike Hardy” , To: “‘Eco Styling'”

Hi Adam,
I’ve just initiated a transfer of the $70 so hopefully it should arrive in your account tomorrow or the day after.

It took me a couple of goes to get used to using Style Magic, particularly the need to give it a good hard squeeze on the trigger to produce a good mist rather than a spray to give an all over coverage, and then to get as much water as possible out of the chamois before wiping it off. Having done that it’s much faster than normal washing and the lustrous shine it leaves is a bonus. My 2003 Subaru WRX already had some light swirls in the clear coat from previous washing etc. but my observation is that Style Magic has not added to them. We have just purchased a brand new Subaru Forester and, while I’ll be keeping an eye on the paintwork to confirm there’s no problem, especially for the first couple of washes, I don’t envisage there will be any problems with using Style Magic on it. In short I’m impressed!

Regards, Mike Hardy


Jonno, I guess you get sick of hearing this but your product is fantastic and I am also amazed at how the chamois is so easy to rinse clean – it just doesn’t retain any dirt. After receiving delivery of my online order I washed 5 cars in 1 day as I was enjoying myself so much. This included my daughter’s car which is 4 yrs old and had NEVER been washed – a bit more elbow grease was required but the result was pretty outstanding. I have a 2 month old Passat wagon and it’s so easy to keep it looking as if it has just left the showroom despite all the rain/showers we’ve been experiencing of late. I’ve recommended the combo to many people but it is surprising how many were totally unaware of such a product and still go to ‘Laserwash’ and get disappointed with the streaky end result. Bob Lim.

HI Jo / Charles

I have a an immaculate 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa which I clean only with magic carwash these days. I was a little sceptical at first with concerns about a minor scratching etc but after being impressed with the demo Charles gave me, I bought a bottle and haven’t used anything else since. It has a number of advantages, its much quicker than washing conventionally, it uses only a bucket of water, it doesn’t promote corrosion or soak electrics and gives a great shine, worth a go..

The magic tyre black also is excellent for vinyl bumpers, trim etc

David Hyde april 2008
From: Mathew Webber [mailto:mathew.webber8@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 15 January 2008 9:06 AM
To: charles. Subject: Thanks for a great product

Hi Charles, Mathew Webber here, you showed me your products and i bought some for my detailing business from you just before christmas!

I am writing this e-mail to let you know that i was and still am very impressed with the magic spray… Still after three weeks the cars i did have no dust on them where as they are normally covered in dust by now and the cleaning was effortless… Magic!

Thanks again, i will stop out and see you Friday to purchase some more products and sign up as a retailer of your products as i already have interested parties..

Thanks Again, Mathew Webber, 387 Draper st, Parramatta Park, Cairns Qld 4870

Mon 23/04/2007 11:56 AM
Hi Charles
l thought l would give you some feedback on how happy l am with the magic spray and chamois l purchased from you
My car has never looked so good since l started using Magic Wash. Before l was using car wash,bucket and cleaning cloth but no more .
l use it to clean and detail before any shows l enter and love the finished product.
l give the car a quick wipeover weekly which keeps the paint looking great.
l have introduced it to some other friends who treasure their cars and they use it now also.
All the best and see you when l need some more Magic Wash.
Paul Johnson Kewarra Beach
From: Leon Gustavson [mailto:gustavson@bne.dbidesign.com.au]
Sent: Monday, 18 December 2006 5:32 PM. To: charles. Subject: RE: Magic Wash for Porsches and Cars:

Charles I must say WOW….
It’s an awesome product, bar none!
Every time I walk past my 944 S2 in Guards Red it just gleams like it just come off the showroom floor.
Thanks for creating a master piece of gear!
Looking forward to using the glass cleaner hopefully over the break as my car is stored elsewhere.
Thanks again I have been busy but hope to distribute all your brochures’ to all my friends and acquaintances.
Even my mum was impressed that she for the first time did her own car and has asked me to order her some too.
Have a good Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year and when you visit our Porsche club again soon.
Payment as through Visa Debit for $29.25
Talk to you soon, Best Regards, Leon.

Hi Charles, thank your for letting me see a side of my Father-in-Law I did not think existed. Let me explain. I was recently sitting in the waiting room of Bob Jane T-Mart in Cairns waiting to have some wheels and tyres fitted to my car. I spent the time reading brochures in the waiting room when I came across a brochure for your “Magic Spray and Wipe for Cars”. As I was moving to Brisbane (currently on level 4 water restrictions) in a few weeks I though any product to save me water and time washing my car could be good. I did not believe the product would work so I spent a few dollars and purchased a small bottle of your product just it case it was any good. I went home and read the instructions and gave my car a spray and wipe wash.
It was the quickest and I think the best was I have ever given my car.
Later that day I gave my expensive bottle of “wash and wax” car wash to a friend as I will never use it again. What an excellent product very fast and very effective. Now back to my Father-in-Law. The In-Laws briefly visited with us for a few days before we moved. I had told my Father-in-Law of this product and he laughed. I then demonstrated on a section of my car ay which time he was lost for words. I went to wash my car the weekend after they left and when I went to the cupboard to get the “Magic spray and Wipe” I found it was missing. In it’s place was note saying “I’ve taken your spray and wipe for my 4WD, can you get some more too please”. What can I say…. I was taken aback with just a note left in the cupboard.
What a great product and I now been using it on my car and my motorbike and it is very effective. Keep up the good work.
Malcolm James. Mango Hill Qld 4509, musicmal74@bigpond.com jan 2007
From: Chris [mailto: info@invisi-guard.com.au] Sent: Monday, 21 November 2005 12:08 PM To: charles@tourdex.com.au Subject: Porsche Accessories & Magic Car Care Products: Magic Car Wash This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.porscheclubcairns.com/shop from: Chris < info@invisi-guard.com.au>

Charles After finally trying your Magic Car Wash, I was amazed how quickly I was able to clean my vehicle. It may not have been in 16 minutes, but after a few washes I’m sure I can get to that time. The ease of use of the product is just amazing. I have tried other “waterless wash” products but they contain waxes and left residue in places I couldn’t get to and were more expensive. Go figure. I have been waiting for a Waterless product that I am comfortable using to offer as a service with my business and do my part for saving water. Thank you once again Charles.
Invisi-Guard Car Care Services

Dear Charles, 29/10/06

Just thought that I should send you a letter to let you know that I have been using your Magic Washcar cleaning product for several months, &have been extremely impressed, both with the easeof use & the excellent results that have been achieved. I can easily clean our family size vehicle in 15 minutes with only a few litres of water required.

The saving of water in these drought conditions are of a great benefit to the environment.

Keep up the good work.

Alan Leach. Woolloongabba Qld.


You may already know this but I thought I would pass on my observations. As you know we live in far North Queensland and it gets a little bit hot, and most polishes don’t work well or at all over 65-70°C and it doesn’t take long for a metal car panel to reach that or more even when placed in the shade.
So the problem is this when applying the polish you get a little carried away or you get distracted or the polish just simply dries too quickly due to the heat and you have a hard glaze on the paint! Your options to remove them are

1- Apply more polish “ not cost effective and doesnt always work.
2- Spray with water and buff off “ yes this works but is very tough going especially on paste style waxes.
3- Buff it off dry “ very sore arms this way.
4- Spray a small amount of magic car wash and buff off with micro fibre towel “ works a treat as the magic wash is neutral it does not affect the polish but just wets and lubricates enough to gently reactivate the polish.

Look forward to seeing you at the car show.
Neil Newcombe squeaker2@ozemail.com.au

Hi Charles,
I couldn’t wait to get in this morning to send you this email to say “WOW”. I really can’t believe how easy your magic car wash is to use, and the results are outstanding, you should see how beautiful my red Saab 9000 Aero looks——– amazing!! Thank you Charles for the magic car wash.
I didn’t hose my car down to start, even though I thought it was very dirty, apart from the car looking fantastic I am very pleased with myself for having contributed to our water restrictions by using only 2 buckets of water, I couldn’t help but think everybody should be washing their car like this and not wasting all that water down the drain!
I was ammazed how easily the ugly black carbon was so effortly removed from the rims with magic car wash.
The other thing I love about the car wash is the ability to repel dust and dirt after the wash, it truly is fantastic.
After washing the car I went to the shops and (it wasn’t my imagination) everyone looked at my car cause it was dazzling! Particularly the men noticed it.
Cheers, Liz.

Liz McKenzie HORNE MEDIA PTY LTD, PO Box 252 , Sanctuary Cove Qld 4212. e: liz@hornemedia.com.au Ph: 61 7 55779499 Fax: 61 7 55779433
Representing: Wheels, Motor, 4×4 Australia, Auto Action
Gardens & Outdoor Living, Gold Coast Home Reno Guide, Forbes Liz McKenzie [mailto: liz@hornemedia.com.au]
Liz McKenzie [mailto: liz@hornemedia.com.au] Sent: Tuesday, 15 November 2005 2:40 PM To: charles@tourdex.com.au Subject: Hi Charles, Use this email as a testimonial. Importance: High


Charles, you have done it again! The bonnet and roof of my Porsche 944, although shiny, were still bothering me because of the baked in watermarks and oxidisation evident.
After using the Magic Watermarks remover they are now looking as if this 22 year old car has just come off the showroom floor.
Definately easier to use than a claybar and probably more effective.
Thank you again Brian


Mitchel van der Weert, Christchurch, NZ — “At first I thought this product was far too good to be true but was expecting a lot from it. After the first wash with Carmagic I was amazed and not only did it meet my expectations it far surpassed what I ever expected.

I dont have countless hours to spend washing my cars, I am concerned for the environment and like my cars looking good.

With carmagic I clean my car in 20mins instead of 2 hours, can dramatically reduce my water usage and get a 100% spectacular streak free clean.

This truly is magic, I will never even consider going back to conventional car wash. I have showed many of my friends the product and they were just as amazed as I was!! The fact I can clean my car in the garage at night since no hosing is required is a major bonus also. Carmagic truly is magic.”


Thank you for your Magic Car Wash product. I own a Gloss Black Mercedes ML and have had to basically devote a day to cleaning and POLISHING the caras streak marks were highly visible after traditional shampoo,hose and chamois use only. Now I can qickly have an immaculate streak free finish in 8 minutes. I have been so impressed I have demonstrated the car wash to many people and on many prestige cars including a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow that had post rain dust covering it. All demos have amazed the owners and impressed the used car sales managers who have seen it in action.
This has to be the best car finish maintaining product around as it is portable, quick and efficient and works really well.
Well done on bringing this to the market. —Alan Chambers
Director Localgold Pty ltd Armidale 2350

We currently use Magic Car Wash for the display vehicles in our showroom. Of course, our display vehicles must be immaculately prepared. I am happy with the performance, and the ease of use, of Magic Car Wash.
Kind regards,
Regards Bill Andrews
EX-Sales Manager – DaimlerChrysler Sales Group
Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars and Light Commercials, Chrysler, Jeep, and smart

I used your product now for over two weeks. We keep hearing about the severe lack of water everywhere in this country and do you know the real reason? Not because we are washing more cars now but because the Government in the last 50 years have been so tight that they haven’t wanted to fork out for any more dams. Did you know that in many Cities in Australia it is ILLEGAL to wash your car with a hose in the driveway of your own property?? This brings your product into the reason for my letter. I am a woman, I use your car wash nearly every day and I cant tell you how much it does for me!! I own a top of the line Kia and after spraying on your car wash and simply wiping it off it looked like a Porsche 928.

I thought this is simply AMAZING!! 1 bucket of water does the trick! And something I can put in my handbag. This product cleans and protects the surface. No more window cleaner to purchase ! No more expensive car wash to purchase ! All in one! I am actually using it in the household too: Vinyl Floors, Mirrors, Reading glasses, Bench tops etc¦ It does not scratch, it is anti static, it simply safes you time, energy and water.
Congratulation to You in inventing this brilliant product. I have already demonstrated it to a lot of people. As you know, I have lots of orders for your Magic Car Wash. Please feel free to give my contact details to anyone who wants my opinion on this product.
Kind regards and happy cleaning, Sabine Honey
Ph: 0407 594 334 GMT + 10 hours E-mail: info@acaciacourt.com Edge Hill QLD 4870 Australia P.S. Can you invent a fold up bucket?
P.S. Can you invent a fold up bucket?


Congratulations on ruining my life!
I used to spend hours washing my 1984 Porsche 944 and then more hours drying and buffing off watermarks.
It was a labour of love and I enjoyed it. Alas! This is not possible anymore. Since starting to use Magic Wash I have spent just 15-20 minutes on the car at a time. Maybe once every two weeks. What am I going to do with all the spare time? I think I’ll just go for a drive.
I will recommend Magic Wash to all my friends and work collegues.
Thanks mate Brian Smith Kewarra Beach docsmith53@gmail.com

Dear Charles, I am very impressed with the finish achieved with the cleaner you have formulated. I have the best gloss ever on the surface of my 16 year old car and can confidently say no other product has achieved this result. Another reason I am very pleased is the water savings as I live on a property and already have water bills quarterly for the cultivation of my many fruit trees. I am saving water and therefore money. I originally purchased the 1 litre bottle but would now like to place an order for the 5 litre bottle. Please advise costs to post the 5 litre or alternatively I will make arrangements for collection.
yours sincerely…………. Lyn Backshall lyn.backshall@bigopnd.com


I am absolutely thrilled and excited about Jonno’s Magic Car Wash. This stuff is brilliant!! I had a bottle of the Magic carwash for a few months, but had never used it. Last week I decided to try it since my car was really dirty and had black dust on the back from the exhaust fumes. Well to my surprise(which shouldn’t have been, because Jonno’s a man of his word – what he says, he delivers), spray and wipe, and it was all done – quick, easy and totally effective. I recommend everyone try it – forget the bucket, soap and sponge! Thanks Jonno.

Carol Bridgens (Melbourne) 2007


Just a quick email to say thankyou for the MAGIC WASH, used magic wash to clean one of my work cars, without doubt the best car cleaning product I have ever used, don’t think I will ever go back to the car wash again.Was able to clean sections of the car as I had the spare time, didn’t waste any water and saved approximately $10.00 on what I would normally spend at the car wash. Will definately recommend MAGIC WASH to all my friends. Hope you have plenty in stock.
Shane Cooper Kindest Regards, ascooper@bigpond.net.au

I have tried the Magic Car Wash on my 2002 Toyota Camry and was delighted with the results, so I tried it on my Bathroom Mirror and Shower Door. Though it did not remove the water spots it did clean and shine very well. I will use it again in the bathroom. I would recommend this product to any car buff and suggest that it has many other uses for cleaning.
dougandyvonne@dodo.com.auYvonne Burton

Sent: Thursday, 20 October 2005 10:35 AM To: charles@tourdex.com.au Subject: Amazing Magic Wash!!!! Importance: High

Dear Charles, Thank you for the amazing sample of “Magic wash for Porches” it works extremelly well, (once you have a proper chamois (not syntetic). I was able to do my tour van in no time with just half bucket of water, also the Nissan Xtrail, wife was amazed!! – I think once you have a vehicle washed the first time – the magic wash as a cleaning maintnance for any vehicle saves extreme quantity of water, time and eforteless energy – WELL DONE
Alberto Vale Wildscapes Safaris [ info@wildscapes-safaris.com.au]
CEO, WildCam Australia, Wildscapes Safaris, DanceScapes
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From: Croc7@aol.com [mailto: Croc7@aol.com] Sent: Wednesday, 26 October 2005 10:36 AM To: charles@tourdex.com.au Subject: RE:Magic Car Wash

Dear Charles, Recently i had the opportunity to use Magic Car Wash for Porches on my 4×4, I was absolutely blown away by this product. The finish on my car is mirror like, and the product is so easy to apply for such amazing results. It only took 5 minutes to get my car looking as new. Being a busy working mother my time is valuable and restricted for such activities as cleaning my car, but it is necessary to keep my car’s Appearance good as it is used as promotional tool for my company. Another plus is my water consumption is greatly reduced. Thank you Magic car wash for Porsches… I can wait to try more of your products.
Reguards Kathy. Croc7@aol.com

Charles I have used your Magic Car Wash product now for three weeks and on three cars of different vintages.
The fact that one bucket of water and magic wash saved me time, effort and indirectly money (water is not free these days) as well as being environmentally responsible at the same time is a definite A+. The product made washing the car less of a chore due to the short time it takes to bring back the shine that I worked so hard to achieve. It removes dirt and brake dust so easily leaving me with a streak free finish. Also, the fact that you use it on the entire vehicle and do not need to avoid the glass areas is a bonus, as in the past I have had to re-clean the windows after waxing the car. Finally, this product has so many applications, the best and most effective being the greatest product to clean mirrors and the windows in the house. My wife has spent many hours trying to get the numerous windows and doors streak free. This can only happen with a lot of hard, back breaking effort. Now, it is as simple as getting a bucket of water, chamois and the magic car wash, and in a couple of minutes the mirrors and windows are clean AND streak free.
I have not even thought of this new job as a chore due to the ease of meeting my wife’s quality standards for cleaning windows.
Congratulation to you, Charles, in coming up with this brilliant product. I cannot wait to see what other products you develop in the future.
I highly recommend this product for any of the above uses and I am sure for the applications that I have not even thought of yet. Keep up the good work and let me know of your next labour saving invention.
Kind Regards Ted Tudor tedandmarcia@bigpond.com.au

Dear Charles,

I thank God that my business partner met you at the Franchise Expo in Melbourne in 2006. He told me, “I met this crazy guy who has a car wash you can drink”. At this stage I was cleaning cars with Enjo and the occasional “waterless wash” that seemed somewhat useful but damaged my skin and the car”. I met you at the last minute and you DEMO the product. I was skeptical yet looking for a healthy waterless alternative. In fact had contacted the chemical company’s to buy large quantities of their waterless wash and was ignored so I was looking for a healthy waterless wash to transition my car wash to a fully waterless solution. It was perfect timing.

Just after that Melbourne went to Stage 3 water restrictions – the highest on record. I sold around 1-2000 litres of magic wash and had a fully operational manufacturing and distribution network in a few months. My business stayed ahead of most of my competitors and my customer saw me as innovative and ingenious.

Newspaper began to write articles about my business and I won an award for Young Achiever of the Year in my council area. In a few months I had a new and thriving business, stock on the shelves of Autobarn, and our product being used by Mercedes, BMW and 30% of Melbourne’s car dealers.

My car wash also benefited as our product was 100% natural and gave me a competitive advantage and differentiated me from my competitors. I was able to sell product and wash car – best of all – both the product and the mobile service served each other – they are mutually beneficial.

There are a few disadvantages. I am unable to put the money that I want behind the product to promote it and launch it in the way that I dream. The product however does sell itself and the car enthusiast will buy the product when shown. We are changing the car wash industry. We are coming against some large chemical manufacturers who do not like us because we show them how dangerous their chemicals are because we are so pure. We are also changing people’s long-term behaviors – using too much water and not conserving. This is a hard battle at time yet I know that we will get there.

I am excited about the future. Thank you Charles for a very good start to a new way of doing things. I look forward to saving millions of litres of water and thousands of hours of time for my customers and car washers everywhere.

We are empowering people to save water and time without the cost of dangerous products.

God bless you.


Jonathon Sciola, Founder & Director
Jonno’s Magic Wash Pty Ltd, Tel: 1300 36 44 02, Fax: 1300 737 571,(Direct: 0408 786 206)
http://www.jonnos.com, “Save Time Save Money”

Dear Charles.
We have been using your product magic Car Wash for 3 months now. I am delighted with its performance and I am pleased to report the following benefits.
a) Ease of use.
b) Considerable time savings
c) Enhanced product/showroom presentation.
As we market a high profile product, we pride ourselves on presentation. So your product works particularly well when we return to the showroom after a demonstration. A quick spray and wipe and the demonstrator car looks new. Even better there is no residual water effects ie: water marks or drops to stain our showroom floor tiles.
Congratulations on this great product, which we will continue to use and endorse.

Yours Sincerely.
Porsche Centre Brisbane
Warwick Stansfield General Manager


Hi Charles,
“Oldtimer Centre – Classic Cars have been buying, selling, detailing and hiring classic & prestige cars since 1994. In late 2005 when we started using Magic Car Wash, Not only did our detailer rave about the product for days, our cars really started to look a lot better. Even after the New Year break when we were closed they were still perfectly clean after a week. This is a truly excellent product.”
Thanks. Kind Regards
Oldtimer Centre Pty Ltd NSW
Richard Simons , Managing Director ,Tel: 02-93197555,
Fax: 02-93196366 Mob: 0419-555655, email: richard@old.com.au
web: www.old.com.au Always buying & selling prestige cars.

Car Magic is just that – magic. It gets great results and is ideal for busy people like me because it is so quick and easy to use. It is also a great product because it helps to save water. Today every one is much more aware of the need to be use water wisely and using Car Magic only a bucket of water – no more hosing the driveway as well as the car!
Dr Lesley Clark Queensland Member of Parliament

Hello Charles! I have finally had the chance to try the magic wash and I am happy to report that we will endorse it to our customers through our shop, with your blessings, of course.

I washed my own Porsche 993 twin turbo with it and I found it terrific. The color of my car is Arena Red, which, as you know, shows up dirt very easily. Unlike Australia or California during dry spells, we do have ample water in Japan. So, we will offer your product as a quick and convenient detailing fix for those people who want to spruce up their rides without taking it to the local car wash. It should also appeal to those who live in apartments here without quick access to a garden hose.
I look forward to trying the other products in the demonstration bundle you sent us and I will report on those as we test them out.

As promised, the magic wash is obviously environmentally friendly and our adverts for your products will emphasize the three points I have mentioned: a convenient detailing product; doesn’t require much water; and a great green product to use with confidence.
Very Best Regards,
Richard and Akihiko of The Prancing Horse, Tokyo. (Ferrari and Porsches) rap1@jcom.home.ne.jp

I have used Magic Auto Spray & Wipe now for 6 months on our car and 4wd. It goes on easily and is extremely smooth coming off leaving the car shiny, clean and resilient. I also find the windscreen is almost like Rainex has been used on it, with the rain quickly flowing off therefore not needing the wipers in all circumstances. For a dirty 4wd it is excellent, removing dirt and grime with only a bucket of water. As we live in a unit and do not have access to a hose or a space to use a hose, it has been worth its weight in gold as we can still keep our cars clean and shiny. My wife likes to be conservative with natural resources so loves the fact that there is such a water saving using this product. I can honestly recommend this product. G Kent: gkent@gmail.com


I have been a professional commercial cleaner for many many years and have found Magic Auto Spray & Wipe excellent for all types of cleaning. I have found it leaves no smears on the surfaces which many of the other powerful cleaners tend to do. I am amazed at the product and would even highly recommend it for heavy duty cleaning. I now continuously use it, not only the cars but also in my commercial jobs. Margaret Robinson, c/o Crns Professional Cleaners. FNQ.


From: Eagle692u [mailto:ego692u@yahoo.com.au]
Sent: Friday, 6 October 2006 2:26 PM
To: charles
Subject: Car Wash products

Good afternoon,

I purchased your car wash package the other day and I’m very impressed with your product. I’m looking at starting a mobile car wash business up in Sydney and wish to use your products, I would like to know where in Sydney I can purchase your product in bulk or can you supply in bulk.

Regards, Elizabeth


To: Australian Carmagic Sent: Thursday, 6 July, 2006 5:00:45 PM Subject: RE: Carmagic Spray & Wipe

Hi Linda,

I finally got round to using the Carmagic on Sunday and I must say I am really impressed!

I did have my reservations about cleaning my car with Carmagic and especially without the aid of lots of water; however, I do believe I am converted. Car magic is an absolute doddle to use; it is really quick and with the aid of a synthetic leather and a microfibre cloth the paint work becomes smear free and without any unsightly watermarks.

I will be buying some more soon

Thank you, Andrew Pierce, Managing Director

T: 0845 644 4867 F: 01322 294 413 M: 07919 167 481 @: andrew.pierce@hvms.co.uk

Unit 18 Littlebrook Business Complex, Manor Way, Dartford , Kent . DA1 5PZ. www.hvms.co.uk

” When Charles showed me his new car wash, I shook my head saying no way. To begin with it will scratch the duco unless you wash the car with water first. I then watched him wash his Porche without washing it down with a hose first and bingo it was clean. I then did a patch on my car and have not looked back. Not only did it clean my car but it shines and stays cleaner than the usual car washes. This is an amazing product and I use it all of the time now.
Lou Rios, Two Rivers Marketing and Distribution, P.O. Box 416 Tolga 4882


From: levy_king@yahoo.co.uk [mailto:levy_king@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 08 June 2007 12:44
To: Linda
Subject: Re: Order Dispatched

Hi Linda,

I thought that I would drop you a brief note now that I have tried the car wash a couple of times. I am very pleased with the results to date. The product leaves a nice finish and seems to be able to remove just about anything undesirable from the car with ease.

Best wishes, Lawrence