DETAILERS SECRETS using Magic, & increased earnings !

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Sent: Tuesday, 4 January 2011 10:37 AM
To: ‘charles’
Subject: Car Magic


Happy new year to you and your family

have some info on your car magic product you may be interested in.

On 1 – 09 – 2010 we opened a new 25lt container

today (4/01/2011) we finished that 25lts and

Going by our invoice numbers we have cleaned 730 cars.

so at $122.50 per 25lts our costs are under .17c per clean.

and under 35ml per wash as well and as you would know

that is cleaning the whole car except for the tyres

not bad will keep some stats for the next 25lts as well.


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Their secret exposed. Money making for professional Cleaners, & even by detailing franchisees!

The most successful ones are the ones who complete many many jobs in the very least time, without straining or burning themselves out. (in our case without staff or themselves getting allergic rashes, etc, etc)

Our current ‘Magic’ professionals use an easy trick.

They skip the antiquated water hosing, the soaping, the scrubbing, and the rinsing. That is 4 labour saving steps towards higher earnings. They only retain the drying part with a damp IEnka chamois.

1) They hook up a portable compressor that feeds Style Magic to a paint sprayer adjusted to have thicker drops instead of a fine mist.

They walk the length of the vehicle, sprinkling Style Magic onto a whole side.

2) They pick up 5 IEnka chamois over their shoulders and start wiping the vehicle down. When a chamois is ‘dirty’ they merely use another of the 5 clean ones. This keeps his work rhythm flowing. All the used ones are dropped into the rinsing bucket.

3) With a manual optimiser, they redo any spots they have missed.

One whole side of a vehicle is completed. They rinse the 5 chamois and repeat on the other four sides of the vehicle. Finally they agitate the insect marks with a sponge, followed by dry towelling; and shine the Chrome exhausts and alloy wheels with dry towelling.

Move into the cabin and slightly wet the damp chamois with ‘Magic’ and wipe over everywhere. Now perform any specialist treatment for the leathers, etc, etc.

That’s it !!! More money from happier customers appreciating non-toxic cleanliness in and around their vehicles.

( PS-Only very mud encrusted vehicle sills are hosed off before using Magic and dry Towelling on those areas. )

instruction manual can be available to our clients. franchisees using our systems product have our confidentiality.