DISTRIBUTORS needed. Franchise supplies offered. Demonstrations

Main Country Distributors, Regional Distributorships ; Area Distributorships

If you are situated in a district, in any part of the world, where you feel our products can benefit the community in your areas, please contact us. Our products started out in Cairns, Australia, and have found tremendous acceptance very quickly, and interest in our products around the world is growing. Moreover, in the particular case of our No Water ‘Magic Spray & Wipe for Cars and Porsches’, (style magic) the whole world needs it.

By the way, our derivative product is also being used with top results in general household care. The market segment of 1) car owners 2) boat owners 3) Bike owners, and 4) home owners is huge. You will have repeat customers, as we have up here.

We are particularly interested for those who wish to use our ultra green product as the central product in establishing Franchising, in all parts of the world.

Agreements will have to be completed and there is a small licencing cost to obtain Main Type A rights for any Country and Regions within countries. Main Type B and all Area Distributorships are free.

International Country Main & Regional Distributors are invited. Please contact directly with us at c@carmagic.com.au. International Country MAIN Distributors are needed to allocate Area and/or Regional Distributors in their countries. We are not a multi-level marketing company, just a traditional distributing agency with Main Distributors and Area (Under) Distributors supplying to shops and users.

There is only one rule – Demonstrate and your conversion rate is 85 to 99 %

Why ? It proofs that it works, easily. People want to witness it.

You sit at home, very little sales.

Whilst remembering the above rule, you may apply. Otherwise you are wasting our time.



If are anywhere near our nationwide distributors, you provide a car, van, bike, truck, that needs a wash, we will provide a demonstration.

(slowly but surely, local distributors around the world will be offering this service)

If you are a large organisation, we can come to your site to demonstrate.

– see sales outlets

Demonstrations (15 minutes) consists of –

1) Make a car window absolutely dirty with finger grease, smudge it all over. Magic wash on Windows to show ease of wiping and gleaming finish with absolutely NO FINGER MARKS or WATERMARKS

2) Magic wash on Bodywork to show ease of wiping and gleaming finish

3) Magic wash on Alloy Wheels to show brake dust just flowing away. After wipes with DRY toweling cloth to show the gleam

4) Magic Wash on leather and vinyl to show a clean healthy surface, liquid vanishes at fast speed.

5) Witness absolutely no marks left when StyleMagic evaporates.

6) See liquid sprayed on skin – non-toxic

7) See chrome shine with a spray and wipe

8) Spray ordinary water to washed areas, and see the beading

9) Show with dry towel liquid cleaning Wooden Table, perspex, etc, all with a gleam, no watermarks

10) Questions or discussion. END

Note – Cars with bad paintwork, or lacking in waxes or polishes, may not sheen with magic wash.

A note to other water conservation departments, waterwise org, smartwater org, all Department of Sustainability and Environments, mobile car wash organisations, car magazines, car rentals, car dealerships, classic car companies, car museums, domestic and industrial cleaning companies, who have not yet contacted us – email admin@tourdex.com.au with letter on letterhead; to send you a sample to thoroughly test this great water and energy saver.