GREEN CLEAN for Homes, Nurseries, Hotels, Clinics, etc

Here’s the chance to keep more questionable chemicals out of your homes. More & more homecarers are concerned about the short and long term effects of atomised substances into the air and environments they live in.

Biodegradability can mean that it breaks down eventually, but when & how much later ?. Most do not know the answer. Most are measured in years.

Nature’s Green Clean is Biodegradability ISO 7827-1994 AS4351 Part 2, a worldwide standard. 99% are degraded in 3 days !. Everything else after 29 days !

Most of our possessions require maintenance, and we require aids to do this. Sometimes, care means that we apply necessary oils or coatings for longevity & usability.

When we use cleaners, we want it to clean, not strip off any protectants.

Nature’s StyleMagic Spray cleans without stripping.

Nature’s StyleMagic Spray is a combination of nature’s essences. Correctly formulated, it is very effective in its desired actions.

Nature’s Green Cleaning StyleMagic is gentle and effective for almost all home maintenance & cleaning. Green clean is designed for Clinics & Surgeries, Gyms, Nurseries too. Some of these places have sometimes relied on antibacterial substances like methylated spririts. These types of solutions strip & release plasticizers and hasten the breakdown of softer plastics, vinyls, leathers, of the furniture & equipment.

Being pH Neutral, all existing and future ‘treatments’ or applications to furnishings, furniture, etc; are left alone. Only the surface dirt is removed. It leaves a natural sheen on stainless steel, brass, and aluminium. It cleans windows and glass effortlessly. It clears the dust off furniture, antiques with ease.

It is a simple Spray & Wipe, that requires one new trick. It needs to be wiped with a DRY toweling material.

With an everyday item such as a DRY towel, all manner of articles, utensils, furniture can be cleaned.

Being Nature’s Gift, you can rest easy, knowing that it is not harmful to persons, pets, or to the environment. The very purest water provides the basis of the preparation. It is non-allergenic.

Try wiping a mirror with just one wipe, with no streaks ?

Nature’s Green Cleaning StyleMagic does that. You will marvel at the way the solution just evaporates behind your wipe ! And No, it does not contain spirits.




Instantly biodegradable

Non-toxic, even when atomised into the air


Slightly anti-septic

Slightly anti-insects

No traditional ‘chemicals’

pH Neutral

750ml sprays is available. Refills are in 750ml, 5 litres containers and 25 litre drums.


Our most famous repeat customer in Cairns is Skyrail, an international icon.

Others are hotels, motels, some commercial cleaners, and medical centres.


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