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Sunday, 13 September 2009


We have been using Car Magic waterless wash for over 10 months now, and I would like everyone to know that if they give it a try they will never wash a car with water again, for us we save on time, our staff can turn a car around much quicker than before, we don’t carry a range of cleaning products any more so we are saving on costs, we use one product on the tyres and Car Magic on everything else, that’s all, we can clean a small car on about 30ml and a big car 50ml that’s about .20c a wash, we have been able to better utilise our staff and they now get involved with pickups and returns because they have finished their cleaning duties much earlier, the condition of the paint work actually improves overt time, we proved this because we had one car on long term hire nearly 4 months and when it came back the paintwork was noticeably dull as compared to the rest of the fleet, it has been back in the fleet now and looks much better for us using car magic.

We no longer have to use water to wash our cars and we are therefore no longer using chemicals that end up in our waterways, Palm Cove Car Rental survives on tourism and is benefitting directly from visitors coming to see our reef and water systems here in far north Queensland, if for no other reason all car rental companies, car sales yards in fact any business that needs to wash a car should be using your product, the environment has become the issue of our time we all need to do what we can, where we can and your product is at least one step in the right direction, I feel better for knowing we have at least done something to prevent these chemicals ending up in our water system.

For us it has been a simple decision to give it a try and has proved to be effective, cost efficient alternative to wasting water and time.

Protect the reef and we protect our future both for our business and our environment.


Lloyd Galbraith


Hi guys

Just want you to know about the product “natures Style Magic”.

I was worried about using the Style Magic, on cars.

I didn’t want to lose the customers, they thought it might scratch there pride and joy.

But it works a treat, especially on black cars. So now on I have been using Style Magic for about a year.

Customers keep ringing for another Tricky Dickies Car Detailing, over and over again.

If u are interested to see, first hand how well it cleans the smart cars. Go to The Hotel Cairns on Cnr Florence & Abbott Sts.

Or call TRICKY DICKIES on 0402 802 895
web : trickydickies.net
email : trickytrix@bigpond.com


This is our testimonial on Natures Style Magic, and we are happy for you to display it.

From, Latitude16 Car Hire,
54 Macrossan Street,
Port Douglas. 4871 15th Oct 2009
Tel 40 994 999

To, Natures Style Magic, 13 Johnston Street, Cairns 4870

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you know we have been using your StyleMagic for at least 11 months and we are more than pleased with Style Magic. So pleased that we have continued to re-order.

There are three important benefits that we are particularly impressed with.

1) Ease of Use.

Our full range of cars and motorbikes has to always be in tip top condition.
Style Magic makes it so easy for us to ensure our product range is always in sparkling condition.

It takes so little of our staff’s time to do this. We can even clean our vehicles during the short intervals when the phone is not ringing, our staff merely sprays and wipe with Style Magic. There is just no mess !

This is especially useful and easy to care for our display vehicles alongside the road. These vehicles continually pick up layers of dust but Style Magic removes the dust with amazing ease. A few minutes and they are all done.

Easiness and convenience translates into reducing our labour costs. Our staff have more time now than before we started using Style Magic; to spend on the other things that need to be done in a busy rental business.

2) Environmentally friendly.

Gone are the days where we have to wet the car, mix the chemical based soaps, sponge the car, rinse with more water, and then start drying the car, and that lengthy process was always a messy job. Now, we only do this to the odd vehicle that has gone ‘bush’ and collected lots of mud.

Thus, we have drastically reduced our usage of both chemical soaps and clean drinking water. The seas will be that little bit cleaner, and that does make us feel better.

3) Reasonable Cost

One cleaning product for BOTH the insides and outsides of vehicles already strengthens its value. But, after adding the labour hours saved, the convenience, the water saved, the reduction of toxins onto our land and seas, it could be said that Style Magic is under priced.

For our business, Style Magic is much more value for our money. We recommend more businesses and people to use Natures Style Magic. It is the right product for busy people, and for our children’s’ future.

Congratulations, and we will continue to tell others about this product.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Besley, Owner / Director.


Southward Car Museum, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

We use Style Magic on ever single vehicle in the museum, from the Morris Minor to the Ferrari Monza. We use it for the following reasons.

We can use it on every surface, it doesn’t mark vinyl or leather and can be used near the fabric roofs on some of the older vehicles

It cuts polishing and cleaning in half as it is only one pass instead of two

Cleans glass and chrome easily and leaves a great shine with no streaking

Cost effective 5 L does over 250 vehicles

It repels dust so that the vehicles don’t need to be dusted as much

I would recommend this to anyone it is so easy to use, makes cleaning not so much of a chore. We also find it great when we are travelling around with vehicles on trailers, we don’t have to find a tap to wash the car. We just get out the Style Magic.



Dear Charles.
We have been using your product magic Car Wash for 3 months now. I am delighted with its performance and I am pleased to report the following benefits.
a) Ease of use.
b) Considerable time savings
c) Enhanced product/showroom presentation.
As we market a high profile product, we pride ourselves on presentation. So your product works particularly well when we return to the showroom after a demonstration. A quick spray and wipe and the demonstrator car looks new. Even better there is no residual water effects ie: water marks or drops to stain our showroom floor tiles.
Congratulations on this great product, which we will continue to use and endorse.

Yours Sincerely.
Porsche Centre Brisbane
Warwick Stansfield General Manager


We currently use Magic Car Wash for the display vehicles in our showroom. Of course, our display vehicles must be immaculately prepared. I am happy with the performance, and the ease of use, of Magic Car Wash.
Kind regards,
Regards Bill Andrews
EX-Sales Manager – DaimlerChrysler Sales Group
Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars and Light Commercials, Chrysler, Jeep, and smart


Hi Charles,
Oldtimer Centre ¬ Classic Cars have been buying, selling, detailing and hiring classic & prestige cars since 1994. In late 2005 when we started using Magic Car Wash, Not only did our detailer rave about the product for days, our cars really started to look a lot better. Even after the New Year break when we were closed they were still perfectly clean after a week. This is a truly excellent product.”
Thanks. Kind Regards
Oldtimer Centre Pty Ltd NSW
Richard Simons , Managing Director ,Tel: 02-93197555,
Fax: 02-93196366 Mob: 0419-555655, email: richard@old.com.au
web: www.old.com.au Always buying & selling prestige cars.


Hello Charles! I have finally had the chance to try the magic wash and I am happy to report that we will endorse it to our customers through our shop, with your blessings, of course.

I washed my own Porsche 993 twin turbo with it and I found it terrific. The color of my car is Arena Red, which, as you know, shows up dirt very easily. Unlike Australia or California during dry spells, we do have ample water in Japan. So, we will offer your product as a quick and convenient detailing fix for those people who want to spruce up their rides without taking it to the local car wash. It should also appeal to those who live in apartments here without quick access to a garden hose.
I look forward to trying the other products in the demonstration bundle you sent us and I will report on those as we test them out.

As promised, the magic wash is obviously environmentally friendly and our adverts for your products will emphasize the three points I have mentioned: a convenient detailing product; doesn’t require much water; and a great green product to use with confidence.
Very Best Regards,
Richard and Akihiko of The Prancing Horse, Tokyo. (Ferrari and Porsches) rap1@jcom.home.ne.jp